Some Things Never Change

Howard Street in the Fall. Color Change

I walked downtown this morning contemplating the past few months. For now, the streets are quiet and the coffee shops and restaurants only beginning to stir; the whir of people and the hum of autos, missing. Then I paused in the middle of Pennsylvania Park: We’ve been in a pandemic mode and an atmosphere of caution, yet crowds appeared, and Nature continues its fade into autumn. Some things never change.

Walking through downtown petoskey in the fall

We’ve lost some of our vaunted forests and statuesque trees to the storm of storms this past summer, but the canopies of those remaining are beginning their turn. Fall brings a repast of emotions. There is a reverence to the change and an acceptance of the readying for snow and ice; however, as we continue to work within the confines of COVID, one wonders if the hibernation might be a good thing. Perhaps a quiet interlude will bring a clam to the worry and a quell to the anxiety.

Until then, Downtown Petoskey is pretty much the same. The added street-side dining has been a great success. The lack of festivals and generations-old celebrations of summer did not keep people from our locale. In fact, many of the businesses in town have had a near record summer.

A very unexpected result of this Summer of 2020 has been the real estate market. “Bonkers,” is how one broker put it. “Off the charts!” adds another. I realize that extends into the surrounding neighborhoods, but nonetheless, brings further community support to our downtown community. In addition to home sales, new business owners are renovating or establishing new residences above older buildings making more space for those wishing to stay directly downtown.

I guess overall we have been truly fortunate. But it takes an effort by all to articulate anxiety and caution into a successful vacation season to be shared by people from around the world. Sure, many who would travel to far away corners, came here instead, but as the world opened, so did Petoskey. And quite successfully, might I add. As I said, some things never change.

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