Colors on the Horizon

Color change in petoskey

October 18, 2017

There’s a mystique to the color season around Little Traverse Bay. The reds, oranges and yellows glisten in the morning sun and glow as the sun sets, while a quiet serenity pervades the waterfront. In Downtown Petoskey, people from all over the country conspire to compose a most eloquent sketch in attempts to account for the view.

The first leaf of fall in downtown petoskey

Some prefer the quiet streets and decorative storefronts. Others enjoy a walk to The Perry, Palette Bistro, or Beards Brewery where one can sit in comfort and cavort with the brilliance of our festival of colors on the horizon.

There’s the Chandler’s patio with soft lights amid hanging sails and a majestic maple hovering over moss strewn shingles. Grab lunch at the Grain Train and look across the Bay to the multichromatic hillsides.

In the middle of Downtown Petoskey, Pennsylvania Park is spectacular with sun beams hurtling through shade trees warming those sitting on benches or lying on the warm grass. Fall is here, but the cold has yet to grasp the spirit, chilling the soul and frosting the earth.

Up and down each and every street, color abounds. The scents of fall and the ironclad clouds textured with wisps of white add to the portfolio of pictures etched into the mind. Be sure to stroll. Be sure to sit on a bench. Be sure to taste wine and enjoy a snack. Downtown Petoskey is surrounded by horizons of color and so should you. 

Color with clock tower

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