Social District

Downtown Petoskey is proud to be one of the first cities in the State of Michigan to qualify as a Social District that contains a Commons Area where our visitors can consume alcoholic beverages. We hope this act of hospitality will add to your experience and contribute to a relaxing visit with us. Here is what you need to know in order to enjoy our Commons Area according to State and Local laws and ordinances.

Alcoholic beverages that are consumed in the Commons Areas of Downtown Petoskey must be purchased from establishments that have received a special Social District permit issued by the State. Right now those establishments include:

Under State law, alcohol brought into the District or purchased at any other business within the District may not be consumed in the Commons Area.

Bars and restaurants may sell alcoholic beverages for consumption in the Commons Area between the hours of noon and 9 pm daily and on weekends.

The Commons Area of our Social District is indicated in yellow on the map. Please note that alcohol may be consumed on sidewalks, but it may not be consumed in the street. It is a State law that alcohol may not be consumed on or in any street area that has not been closed to traffic. So, when you come to a corner and want to cross the street, please just carry your cup and do not sip until to you get back on the sidewalk.

Also, please follow the policies of individual business owners regarding taking your drink into a store. Some merchants do not allow food or beverage consumption of any kind. State law also does not allow taking an alcoholic beverage purchased at one establishment to another establishment for consumption, so please help us by not attempting to do this. State law also does not allow taking an alcoholic beverage into a restaurant that does not have a liquor license of its own.

Questions? Call or email the Downtown Director at 231.622.8501 or

Above all, have a good time and enjoy your visit to Downtown Petoskey.

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