Hope in Petoskey

As I gaze out my studio window in Downtown Petoskey, I revel in the hope I feel on the horizon. Except for the occasional broken sunshine during the past few days, the hours have been marked by haze, clouds, and at times, snow, and wind. But today the lake is calm and contemplative.

Hope. Looking out over little traverse bay in the winter

This past Holiday season saw some return of folks to the shopping districts and ski hills, and even with the COVID restrictions we continue to face, many restaurants have been doing well – alas, some have suffered. But there was hope. There were faces we recognized and many new ones who dared to travel. There were guests venturing downtown who followed all the nuances necessary to stay safe and continued to be gracious to employees of the various establishments.

And there’s hope with the vaccines. Downtown Petoskey will not be “normal” for a fair number of months, but when the time comes, there is no doubt resorts will fill, summer homes will be occupied, and hotels will shuffle tourists up and down Mitchell Street, Lake Street, and around corners on Bay Street. In fact, much like post-pandemic/post-WWI in 1920, businesses and visitors alike may come roaring back. Petoskey has been through this before.

A breath now for inventory and staff planning. A quiet of fixups and repairs. There are fences to mend and stocks to move. Doors that squeak and shutters that hang loose. Some paints are peeling and walls looking drab. Now’s the time to ready for the hope as the world changes around us. Our microcosm of streets and walkways, parks and benches, may appear idle, but the pulse of change is palpable. The tide of 2020 has passed as we look forward to a new year and a new era of optimism.

Yes, there is hope among us in Downtown Petoskey. We hope you stay tuned and in-touch. Spring and summer are right around the corner.

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