A Winter Weekend

Winter Weekend Ice Sculpture

After a few months of mostly ice and little snow, the drifts are finally piling up – by the foot! For three solid days, snow arrived with an accompanying blizzard, and with it, there seemed to be a collective sigh – a rebirth from a tumultuous 2020 and anything but normal January of 2021. So, with snow, sunshine, and the opening – albeit limited – of restaurants, smiles appeared. A bounce in people’s steps was noted. A cordiality of voices beckoned a response as you walked down the streets of Downtown Petoskey.

This weekend brings a Winter Weekend festival back to town with ice sculptures that should remain recognizable on their moorings, with temperatures in the teens. Streets and sidewalks will be clear for the strolling many, and the buzz of conversation back in the locale.

“We’ve all had to work together over the last year,” says Jackie over at Sky’s the Limit florist. “If one or the other of us needs help, we pitch in and offer what we can.”

Checking in at restaurants, there is some hesitation as to what President’s Day weekend will bring.

“We’re not sure what to expect,” ponders Mary Keedy at Roast & Toast.

“We are really happy to see some faces we haven’t seen in a long time,” Caity joyfully adds as she makes a latte at the front counter. “Everyone has been so gracious.”

Over at Chandler’s – A Restaurant, reservations are mounting, and staff are anxious to feel “normal” again.

Ice Sculpture for the sunglass shop in downtown Petoskey winter weekend

“We’ll probably order a little more of everything,” noted Sous Chef, Ron at Chandler’s. “But there are lots of patio reservations, and with the cold, we don’t know what people will decide.”

On their patio, tables are surrounded by heaters, and coverings generally keep snow at bay and the heat in.

City Park, Palette Bistro, and Mitchell Street Pub are all at the ready. Thai Orchid continues with take-out, and over at the new Sam’s Graces on Mitchell Street, their small intimate setting is perfect for a limited seating capacity.  Duffy’s Bar and Grill, Beards Brewery, City Park Grill, and Palette Bistro are all now licensed to sell your favorite alcoholic beverages for consumption in our new Social District.  Feel free to purchase a beverage from them and enjoy it while you take the I Spy Window Walk or tour the ice sculptures. 

 All in all, with COVID numbers spiraling downward and vaccinations available, Downtown Petoskey sits poised to see what and who may arrive to begin anew. We do ask that you bring your patience, your mask, and good wishes to those who will be at your beck and call making sure your enjoyment is guaranteed. As a testimony to the rest of the year, let us all have a good, safe time and make sure we can do this again, soon.

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