A Casual Style

Petoskey sunset two people kissing

 May 9, 2017

 As you drive into Petoskey, feel comfortable. Among the downtown folk, young and old, alike, walk the town in a casual saunter in and out of shops, restaurants, museums, and galleries.

There’s an absolute abandonment of formality, and that’s a good thing. People come and go from surrounding lakes, cottages and resorts, and the last thing they need to worry about is a suit or cocktail dress.

Petoskey has a casual style

 That’s not to say people don’t get dressed up for a night on the town. There is a wondrous night-life in Downtown Petoskey along with a few limos that course through the streets stamping a formal feel to an otherwise casual setting; however, the same folk stepping out of the limo in a Brooks Brother ensemble, will feel right at home among the nuanced denims having more holes and shreds than the best pair of old work jeans.

Flip Flops in Petoskey MI

 Petoskey loves its ambivalence to style, and the town loves its acceptance of all visiting the allure of the waters and sunsets made famous in centuries of artwork, literary lore, and countless photographs.

 Never be afraid to walk into the fanciest restaurant wearing shorts and a t-shirt, or skip into town off the boat or from the campfire to relax at a favorite watering hole to quench a thirst. The best part is not having to worry while concentrating on fun and frolic.

 Ahhh, if only every town could be like Downtown Petoskey. Hey! Did you forget your sandals?

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