Art and Agriculture

Art and Agriculture

June 14, 2017

Two annual events happen this week in Downtown Petoskey: The Gallery Walk and the opening of the Farmer’s Market. In either case, color abounds as fresh food, paintings, sculptures and glassworks combine to usher in yet another harbinger of the summer season.

An artist paints along the gallery walk in downtown petoskey

Being surrounded by a Chautauqua community, Petoskey has historically reveled in the arts. Nestled into Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan, the resilient sunsets and restless waters have provided centuries of “moments” for writers, musicians, thespians, painters, and sculptures. Downtown Petoskey allows you to preview these many galleries with a big wow value in 2017: Crooked Tree Arts Center’s Ansel Adams’ Masterworks. This magnificent gallery display is FREE and gives a glimpse of the genius that was Ansel Adams. The entire main floor of the Center is dedicated to this showing. It’s a DON’T MISS on your Michigan agenda this year.

For locals and visitors alike, the Farmer’s Market brings fresh produce in from our surrounding farms every Friday. A little secret, Petoskey is well versed in farm-to-table dining with most of its downtown restaurants practicing this organic habit. We’re lucky to have a gentle climate produced by the Great Lakes giving us fruits and vegetables year-round, but no better than June through November, and people flock from far and wide to shop and stock their root cellars. Yes, people in the north do have root cellars, and those root vegetables last late into the cold months of winter.

This week can be made immortal to the memory in one fell swoop. Thursday is a stroll through galleries enjoying some wine and cheese, stopping for a light dinner, and finishing at The Perry’s Rose Garden Veranda. Early Friday awake refreshed and head to the Farmer’s Market. Grab some coffee and a fresh made pastry or muffin, fill your bag with the taste of the North, grab lunch, then head home to prepare your own farm-to-table dinner. Or, continue the gallery effort by sitting in some of our downtown restaurants that feature many a local artist. And the night doesn’t end there. Ice cream and gelato send their Siren call before bed, making one more trip downtown worth every second.

Welcome to another week and weekend of summer in Petoskey. Watch out! The ice cream is dripping from the end of your cone.

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