Sitting at Sam’s

Sam's Graces Cafe outdoor eating area

With a few wisps of white above melting into the azure, I sit and watch our Downtown on a casual Friday. Not quite 11:00 a.m. and the parking spaces are full, UPS trucks compete with Fed Ex vans, and people are aligned on benches contemplating which way to begin their walk. Around the corner, the Farmer’s Market is in full bloom – a head of lettuce the size of a bowling ball for two bucks! A steal. Everywhere, shop doors are open allowing the spring breeze to melt away a cold, dank April. This is Downtown Petoskey at its finest.

JW Shorter and Son outside

Then a surprise – at least for this time of year, a year after COVID – golfers roaming the streets seeking sustenance before they stroll the links. Likewise, weekenders and resorters have returned early – and in droves – hoping to enjoy mask free grottos, bars, and parks.

I do know I’ve mentioned this a time or two but, as if the 1920’s are roaring again, we stare at a precipice of similarity. The waning of a pandemic and a growing economy loom on the horizon. And I believe we’re ready.

As you venture North and arrive at our doorstep, engage in the fervor and frolic among the Hosta lining Pennsylvania Park; remember to reserve spaces and tables early if you wish to imbibe or eat Downtown; and expect the return of the curbside cafes. The experiment allowed during a summer of COVID, worked. We are evolving with the times, and it is fun to watch.

I know. That is why your man-on-the-street is sitting outside at Sam’s Graces on Mitchell Street on one of their new outdoor high-top tables. This is my job. Sorry. Someone has to do it.

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