A November to Remember

a november to remember in petoskey michigan

As I look out over the bay, there are people sauntering on the breakwater; rusted maples and fire-red burning bushes stand defiant. The water? Nary a ripple. No coats, no boots, no ice, no snow, no anything but warmth and soft, wispy clouds.

A week ago, many in the north got a glut of ice and snow, but only to see it melt in a few days. We, here in Downtown Petoskey, had some iron clad skies and a few pelts of sleet but found it odd to see folks drive into town with inches of snow plastered to their car roofs. In a couple of days, people were wearing shorts again as they strolled the streets.

Documenting the COVID times over the last couple of years has been intriguing. Keeping track of the weather changes has been more subtle. Last decade, we had record snow falls in some years; it seems now the patterns are changing.

The record lake levels have ebbed somewhat but still cause erosion and expense to those near shore. Popular bike trails remain hampered with closures. Downtown? It stills whirs and hums, especially on weekends. Last fall, people stayed north with school closures at home, and most offices closed or at minimum staffing levels. There are many who moved north permanently to continue working remotely. This fall with this weather, people venture out and come our way because they can.

Having been on the road a lot, I’ve noticed packed freeways heading north on Fridays; and in turn, Sunday’s freeways are loaded heading south. Firearm deer season opens this next Monday, the 15th, so we’ll see what transpires Downtown. Don’t forget the shopping specials for those who chose not to go to deer camp.

On a more somber note, please remember our veterans this month. A handshake, a wave, or a quick chat to remind them how important they’ve been to our freedoms and liberties we tend to take for granted. Some have given their lives and limbs for us to shop on Lake Street. Others walk along side us, and we would never know their stories. The horrors of world wars are behind us, but it would be wise for everyone to study the history, lest we forget.

Then back to happier notes: Happy Thanksgiving! This year we should be able to celebrate as families, and don’t forget to shop local! Downtown Petoskey is being decked-out for the Holidays as I write. Wreaths are up, lights are strung, and soon, perhaps, snow will linger about giving the Currier & Ives perception we’ve all come to know and love.

Continue to be safe, and enjoy these peace filled days ahead.

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