Relaxing in August

Shopping outside of Grandpa Shorters

August 29, 2018

I’m still summering in Downtown Petoskey. Ahhhh, the heat and the water make for a relaxing summer swan song as August rolls by. I still shop every day, and I continue to explore Downtown Petoskey between Michigan Street and Bay Street and from Division to US-31.

I always make sure the Grain Train is on my list of stops. Their organic fruits and vegetables appease me in between trips to the Friday Farmer’s Market on Howard.

Traffic begins to thin out for people returning to hometowns for early sport camps and tryouts, so parking seems a bit easier. I can meander through my favorite tavern at the noon hour knowing I’ll most likely find a table during the week. The weekends are still full, though, and the nightlife effervescent.

I like it when people walk slower and my time in shops becomes more personal with the owners and staff. Sales of items needed to be vanquished for this season occur at every turn, and the air begins to cool in the evening giving added rest to weary feet as I sit on the veranda at the Perry Hotel.

Don’t venture too far! Fall is around the corner and for the real adventurer, September and October offer some spectacular scenery. See you next time. If you missed me, that was me on the bench in front of North Goods. Go in and say hello to Dana. He’ll be glad to help you.

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