Glorious Gardens

Garden by the Petoskey Garden Club near Penney's

May 16, 2017

The flowers and greenery in an around Downtown Petoskey are always a highlight for locals and visitors alike; however, there is a backstory. Behind the scenes, the Petoskey Area Garden Club is hard at work assuring those vibrant colors of spring and summer meld together just right and at the right times for peek effect.

“We meet once a month, except for January, February, and March, and the we have committees that make the choices of color and coordination,” says Sharon Schappacher, President of the Club.

Members of the garden club

There are plots among the trees and walkways of Pennsylvania Park, at city entrances, by the library, and the post office.

 “Our largest is the City Center Bed at the corner of Mitchell and Howard near the J.C. Penny’s,” interjects William Santos, Vice-President.

Tulips in Petoskey

The Petoskey Area Garden Club began 83 years ago and has transpired into an endowed group who figures prominently in the beautification of downtown. Along with most businesses planting their own festive celebrations of summer, the Club enhances each and every open patch with begonias, petunias, hostas, and a variety of other flora causing one to pause and breathe in the beauty.

“Our goal,” begins Sharon, “is to have most everything low maintenance. The annuals are obviously a big part of that, so we’re careful about what we plant in these northern climes.”

If you’re ever interested in being a part of the Petoskey Area Garden Club, you can call Sharon at 231-838-7677. “The nicest part of our club,” she adds, “is that we don’t have to fundraise. Because of some generous members and citizens, we have an endowment that generates our income.”

Walk and stroll among our parks and walkways, and remember to say thank you if anyone is nearby with garden gloves and, maybe, a dirt smudge on the cheek.

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