The Intrigue of Empty Spaces

Peace of January in Petoskey Michigan

As Downtown Petoskey’s business district ebbs and flows through generations, there’s always a little intrigue of who’s coming and going. This year is no different.

Walking downtown, you’ll notice some empty storefronts with brown paper or new construction without much of a description. People saunter by, hesitate, rub their chin, look up and down, look side to side, and still can’t determine what mystery may lie behind the mystery.

Spring is the hallmark of a deadline for coastal enclaves. The weather warms, days lengthen, and emotions slip into a re-birth of spirit. With summer around the corner, the heart begins to race as summer residents return. The crowds burgeon with tourists. By then the wrappings of the new businesses come off. Voila!

Tap 30 in Petoskey Michigan
Photo compliments of Tap 30’s Facebook

Was the new bistro a bistro or did it end up a haberdashery? Was the new resale shop just that or did it turn into a wine bar? We do have some hints and some absolute fact we could share about some of the upcoming changes, but in February, the shrouds of construction continue.

Arriving in Downtown Petoskey this month, take advantage of the local conversation. Enter the foray at North Perk or sit at the long table inside Tap 30. If inclined, ask and bend an ear with questions. Maybe your interest will peak, or your satisfaction be found. If you dip inside Roast & Toast or climb into a high-top at Grain Train Market Café, you might hear what’s happening on Mitchell Street. When in Julienne Tomatoes, the clamor may be suggesting changes over on Lake Street.

Wherever you land, keep an open mind. Before the unveilings of a new spring and summer, February is a time of anticipation and a time of wonder. One guarantee will be that the hum will return to our mecca of enjoyment. The fun and generational romance of Grandpa Shorter’s, Symons, Reusch Jewelers, and Meyer Hardware will be on full display. Do not despair with changes. Downtown Petoskey will be waiting for you bathed in a familiar light with a few different hues.

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