Payment Options

PAY ONLINE any time at petoskey.paymynotice.com. Account information on both open and paid notices is also listed on this same site, even if you are not paying online. A plate # and notice # are required whether paying or just viewing your account. There is a $2 convenience fee charged by the third-party company when using this payment option. MC/Visa/Discover/Amex are accepted.  NOTE:  If you have the letter O in your license plate number, you must type it in as a zero.  If you have problems, call the office during business hours, and we will help you.  231.439.9124.

PAY BY PHONE at any time with the automated system at (231) 307-4664. The “reference #” requested is the notice number found on your citation. There is also a $2 convenience fee charged to use this option. It accepts MC/Visa/Discover/Amex.

USE DROP BOX by dropping the envelope containing the notice and the payment, inside any of our drop boxes attached to some meter posts downtown.

Drop boxes can be found near:

  • Howard St. near Chamber of Commerce

  • Bay St. across from Bank of Northern Michigan

  • Saville Lot behind Papa Lou’s

  • Lake St. County Court entrance,

  • Lake Street Design Studio

  • Cutler’s

  • Mitchell St. near Center City Gym

  • 5/3rd Bank

  • Mighty Fine Pizza

  • Michigan St. East of The Bistro

MAIL YOUR PAYMENT  to the Parking Services Office in the provided envelope.

PAY IN PERSON at The Parking Services office, located on the sidewalk along Pennsylvania Park between the Perry Hotel and American Spoon Gelato Café. Please note there is no on-street access.

Late Fees

Late fee policy: If paid before 8 days, fines are accepted at face value. After 7 days add the following to the fine:
8 days overdue – add $10 to original fine
14 days overdue – add $30 to original fine
30 days overdue – add $40 to original fine
60 days overdue – add $60 to original fine
90 days overdue – add $90 to original fine

Tickets that are 90 days overdue will be submitted to collection agency or district court. Court may add additional fees and fines and driver’s license may be suspended.

Excessive parking tickets will result in additional fees. 5-9 expired meter tickets within 180 days is a $15 ticket. 10+ expired meter tickets within 180 days is a $30 ticket.


The Parking Services Office accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. It is the policy of the Parking Services Office that payment in coin for any parking fines of more than 25 total coins in any combination will not be accepted. The Parking Services Office reserves the right to reject any payment that is not appropriately packaged, or has unknown substances on or in it. A fee of $25 will be added if such a situation occurs. In extreme cases, the City Police will be notified.

Submit questions to:

Parking Services Office
216 Park Ave.
Petoskey, MI 49770
231.439.9124 or parking@petoskeydowntown.com

What color is your envelope?

Citations in orange envelopes are issued by our office in the metered area of downtown.

Citations in yellow envelopes are issued by Public Safety. Submit any payments and questions to Gina at Public Safety (231) 347-2500. Public Safety is located at 101 E. Lake St. by the bridge on the Bear River.

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