Parking Permits

Permit Parking Areas

Depending on the lot, permits are allowed all year or seasonally.

Parking Permit Areas

Year Round Parking Lot Areas

  • Petrie Lot – Entire Lot

  • Darling Lot – Back Three Rows Only

  • Livery Lot – Entire Lot

  • Park Garden Lot – Entire Lot

Seasonal Parking Lot Areas

(Winter parking rules apply. No overnight parking from December 1 through April 1 except in some lots. See signs at end of rows.)

  • Elks Lot – Permits may be used Labor Day through June 15

  • Saville Lot – Permits may be used in January through May plus November in specified rows only

  • Michigan Street – Permits valid from June 15 – Labor Day on south side from St. Francis playground to Howard Street

Year Round Street Permit Areas

  • Michigan Street – 13 metered spaces between railroad tracks and Petoskey Street

  • Michigan Street – 12 metered spaces on south side between St. Francis driveway and Waukazoo Ave.

  • Waukazoo Ave. – 4 metered spaces on both sides of street starting from Michigan Street going south

  • Division Street – 10 metered spaces on east side of street between Mitchell and Lake Street

  • Bay Street – 12 metered spaces on south side of street between Division Street and the crosswalk at the Noggin Room

  • Rose Street – All metered spaces

  • Mitchell Street – 9 metered spaces on the block across from the Grain Train, bordering the fenced area.

Seasonal Street Permit Areas

  • Howard Street – 13 metered spaces between Bay street and Rose street between November 1 and May 31

  • Lewis Street – 14 metered spaces on Lewis street between November 1 and May 31

Tiered parking permit map. Map shows yellow, green, and blue permit spaces.


Types of Permits & Permit fees

  • Yellow: $120/mo. All permit spaces

  • Green: $60/mo. Green & blue spaces

  • Blue: $40/mo. Blue spaces only

  • Purchase 6 months, pay for 5 (receive 1 month free)

  • Purchase 12 months, pay for 10 (receive 2 months free)

On Street Permit Parking

(Winter parking rules apply. No overnight parking on any downtown street from December 1 through April 1.)

Both sides of the following streets:

  • Rose Street

  • Bay Street – from crosswalk at Noggin Room to Division Street

  • Michigan Street – from railroad crossing to Petoskey Street

  • Waukazoo Ave – last 4 spaces closest to Michigan Street

One side of the following streets:

  • Division Street – East side only from Bay Street to Mitchell Street

  • Woodland Ave – West side only from Mitchell Street to Michigan Street

  • Michigan Street – along the south side of Saint Francis playground and south side from playground to Howard Street from June 15 to Labor Day

  • Lewis Street – East side only

  • Mitchell Street – North side of Mitchell Street from Emmet Street to Petoskey Street

Hang tags must be displayed to be valid. Hang so the date faces out. All permits expire at the end of the month. No refunds; permits are transferable to others by contacting our office.

Have Questions?

If you have any difficulties or questions contact Parking Services Office.

Phone: 231-439-9124 


Hours: Monday – Friday, 8a to 5p

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