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Petoskey Coffee Shop

February 22, 2017

In a series that will highlight new or relocated businesses in Downtown Petoskey, we start with North Perk Coffee at 308 Howard Street. Moving from Lake Street next to Pennsylvania Park over to the Howard Street locale took place just in time for the final push of Holiday shopping in December of 2016. The ambiance of simplicity continues to reign over the environs allowing one to chat, write, and (gasp!) to simply enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

“So many positives!” says owner Brittany McNeil. “We are extremely happy in our new spot! Our original location on Lake Street was a good place to make our introduction to the community, but this new, more central location makes a lot more sense for us as a year-round business, and the streamlined layout adds to the cozy atmosphere.”

As you enter the beautifully restored building, you emerge onto a scene of soft music and comforting aromas of dark roast coffee.

“People really love our dark roast,” notes Marion from behind the carefully crafted real-wood service counter. “We specialize in dark roast.”

Even beyond the normal cup-of-joe the barista’s can handle anything you ask for.

“Of our specialty drinks, caramel macchiatos are the most asked for,” Marion adds.

The original brick walls highlight a coffee shop of perfect dimensions for a relaxing moment. The high original tin ceilings allow for open air, and the floor to ceiling windows along the front wall let the sunshine in. I watched as both tables by the windows handled conversation and computer work while the patron’s basked in the glow of the morning rays. Around me were 3 booths for privacy, and assorted tables situated for easy access.

The charcoal gray wall to the rear accented by white trim and moldings oversees two extraordinarily clean restrooms, well decorated to match the coffee house moods. As I sat and enjoyed my dark roast and superb coffeecake, I watched every table and booth fill with an assortment of clientele reminiscent of a high-brow campus coffee clutch. Textbooks, laptops and tablets were hard at work conveying information to the recipient while the humans sipped a drink of their choice.

If you can, keep track of North Perk Coffee through their website and watch for monthly Open Mic Nights. The next one is Saturday, February 25th.

And don’t think your visit ends with the last drip. You can access North Perk Coffee anytime, no matter your location, by visiting Petoskey Roasting Company at They’ll roast and ship usually within 24 hours of an order. They access only organic, fair-trade, rainforest alliance certified coffees

However you enjoy North Perk Coffee, be sure to find their new location, and then when you return home order a refill, close your eyes, and return to Downtown Petoskey and the fun we share.

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