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Downtown Management Board

All Downtown Petoskey activities are overseen by the Downtown Management Board (DMB), a group of nine members who are appointed by the mayor and also serve as Downtown Development Authority members. 

Activities of the downtown organization include special events, marketing, beautification and maintenance efforts, and economic development projects.  This board also oversees the Downtown Parking Fund and the Parking Management System through its Executive Parking Committee.  Volunteer committees that report to the DMB are the Downtown Marketing Committee, the Downtown Design Committee, and the Downtown Events Committee. 

The Downtown Management Board is scheduled to meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 in the Community Room of City Hall on Lake Street.  The public is welcome. 

Current Board Members are:

  • Larry Rochon, Chair
  • David Carlson
  • Reginald Smith
  • William Fraser, Mayor
  • Jason Keiswetter
  • Jim Reid, Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Shorter
  • Liz Ahrens
  • Jessilynn Norcross

Petoskey's Downtown Management Board has recently gone through the process of collecting data and opinions that would be distilled into a new five year plan of work for the board and staff.  Based on the vision created and adopted in 2007 through the HyettPalma Downtown Blueprint, the 2013-2017 plan includes strategies for the continuing success and development of that vision.  The results of many focus group meetings, surveys, and questionnaires can be seen in the final plan by clicking here.