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216 Park Avenue
Petoskey, MI 49770

Come enjoy Downtown Petoskey on Lake Michigan and Little Traverse Bay with unique shops and restaurants in the Gaslight Shopping District. Serving Bay Harbor, Bay View, Harbor Springs, Walloon Lake and Emmet County.


Ghosts and Goblins Downtown

Andi Symonds

October 25, 2017

Remember the days when Halloween was the best night of the year? The school parties, the finding scraps and old clothes around the house to make the best costume? Maybe the choosing of the pillow case that would hold the most candy?


Yes, I date myself, but the best part about Halloween still revolves around the young and the young at heart celebrating All Hallows Eve. The one night where we look forward to goblins, ghosts, monsters and the unknown. Does anyone remember The Ghoul on late night TV showing vintage horror movies? Or Sir Graves Ghastly and his wonderful Saturday afternoons from the crypt?

This weekend in Downtown Petoskey young kids and old kids will be flittering, tromping, and scurrying around stores and markets for the best treats. I doubt if any tricks will be played unless some adult gets home and traipses through the candy laid out on the floor and picks out the good stuff. Admit it, parents, we’ve all done it.


Come and enjoy the festivities this Saturday, October 28th from 9:45 a.m. till Noon. See the best zombie, the scariest witch, or maybe the swiftest superhero. Businesses throughout Downtown Petoskey will provide handouts of chocolate and other goodies. There might be something for the parents as well, so don’t be afraid to pull out the old hobo outfit or the Frankenstein’s monster head. Join the fray and play.

If the weather’s a little harsh, so what? It’s Northern Michigan. There’s always bad weather, just don’t wear bad clothing. Hot buttered rum, warm cider, some donuts, what’s not to like and enjoy? The best of both worlds come together where adults can be kids, and kids can be, well, kids, but more so.


The costume parade lines up at Central Elementary School at 9:45 for a trek down Howard Street led by Christian Smith of the YMCA. Trick or Treat in Downtown Petoskey starts at the end of the parade. Now, a rule: Adults MUST get their own good stuff so as not to rifle the child’s loot. And kids, if you must, the shaving cream goes in the open hand while they sleep, then you tickle their nose. Voila! “That’ll teach ya for takin’ that Hershey bar!”

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